Tanya Friend


Albuquerque, New Mexico


Tanya is the owner of Chatterbox Speech Therapy. She is a native New Mexican and proud to say that she attended and completed my degrees at both New Mexico State University and The University of New Mexico. She have been a practicing speech therapist for 10 years and has worked in multiple settings. Helping and serving others has always been a passion of hers. Early on in my career she had a dream to create a place where children and families could receive the care that they needed to not only improve their communication skills but a place where they felt heard, accepted, encouraged, cared for and supported. A place where each and every child is celebrated for who they are as individuals. Part of my vision included creating jobs for New Mexico graduates and being a part of their educational journey. They work with undergraduate and graduate students from New Mexico universities to teach them, inspire them and also learn from them!

At Chatterbox they are a family. They offer care and support to their employees, students, clients, and the community. They bring out the Chatterbox in every individual and hope to touch their hearts the way that they touch theirs!