Swathi Kiran


Boston, Massachusetts


Constant Therapy was founded in 2012 by Dr. Swathi Kiran, PhD, CCC-SLP. Dr. Kiran is a renowned aphasiologist, former director of the Aphasia Research Laboratory at Boston University, and now Sargent College Associate Dean for Research. With technology becoming more a part of our daily lives, Dr. Kiran’s goal in founding Constant Therapy was to develop an easy-to-use therapy app that allows individuals with cognitive, speech, and language impairments to use in sessions with clinicians, as well as in the privacy of their homes. Dr. Kiran teamed up with engineers Veera Anantha, Mahendra Advani, and Ehsan Dadgar and Constant Therapy was born.

The Constant Therapy mobile app originally contained 12 tasks, and has grown considerably since that time based on user and clinician feedback, as well as new research published in the field. Today, Constant Therapy now has a growing library of over 75 cognitive, speech, and language tasks, and has delivered more than 60 million exercises to individuals overcoming stroke and other types of brain injury.