Linda Murphy


Beverly, Massachusetts


Linda has completed additional graduate courses in infant/toddler development and vision impairment, is a Certified Early Intervention Specialist, and has received formal training in PROMPT.

Consideration of the whole family and thinking about how to make therapy meaningful across settings have remained priorities for Linda since her beginnings in EI. This led her to Relationship Development Intervention® (RDI), and in 2007 she became an RDI Consultant. She brings this clinical expertise to all sessions and is dedicated to educating others on the powerful ways of thinking and being with others that RDI emphasizes. Linda has published several articles in magazines including Autism Spectrum Quarterly Magazine and Autism Asperger’s Digest on these topics, and co-authored the book Social Thinking and Me with Michelle Garcia Winner.

In addition to providing therapy, Linda regularly provides trainings to parents and professionals on topics near and dear to her heart such as RDI, dynamic communication, social pragmatics, and how to create authentic, sustained peer interactions. She founded Peer Projects in 2005 upon starting a social pragmatics group for preschoolers at Emerson College. Though initially started out of the back of Linda’s car, Peer Projects – Therapy from the Heart has grown to offer a range of services provided by highly skilled and dedicated clinicians who have worked closely with Linda over the years.