Renea Sageser


Fort Knox, Kentucky


Renea currently resides in Shelbyville, Kentucky with her husband and 4 children.  As a child Renea received therapy until she was in 5th grade. When she was a Senior in High School Renea came upon the scene of an accident and learned that her Mother had been involved. As a result, Renea’s Mother suffered a head injury that required Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy. In the midst of Renea taking her Mother to therapy appointments she realized the call on her life to become a therapist. Renea has not only been a patient and a caregiver but she is also a Mom who has had three out of her four children receive Speech Therapy. Renea is passionate about assisting patients and their families and that is shown through APT’s philosophy and values.

Renea is grateful for the opportunity to be an advocate for children from the state level. Renea has been serving as the Kentucky STAR (State Advocate for Reimbursement) for the past five years for ASHA (American Speech and Hearing Association) and is a non-voting board member of KSHA (Kentucky Speech and Hearing Association). In the Spring of 2019 she accepted the position to be on the Kentucky TAC (Therapy Advisory Committee) appointed by the Governor. Renea has been humbled by the various awards she has received including Louisville Business Woman of the Year as well as recently being awarded the Top Honors of the Association from KSHA. Renea also serves on several nonprofit boards in the local area and recently joined The International Affiliation of Tongue Tie Professionals (IATP).

Renea has many creative abilities and used those strengths to create a clinically tested, research based materials and techniques program for the development of critical skills for speaking, reading, and writing called Maps 2 Learn. Find out more about it on the website.

Renea hopes to continue to grow Associates in Pediatric Therapy into a state and nationwide agency that provides quality care for children with disabilities.