Holly Storkel


Lawrence, Kansas


Dr. Storkel teaches courses related to language structure, processing, development and disorders at the undergraduate and graduate level. She also has lead several doctoral seminars related to professional development and grant writing. In terms of student mentoring, Dr. Storkel has mentored 1 post-doctoral fellow, 13 doctoral students as a primary mentor or co-mentor, 8 doctoral students as a secondary research mentor, 2 SLPD students as a primary mentor, 26 MA student research projects, and 41 undergraduate research projects. In addition, Dr. Storkel has served as a sponsor or co-sponsor on two NIDCD F31 Predoctoral Fellowships (F31DC006749, PI J.R. Hoover; F31DC006749, PI T.P. Hogan) and is currently a co-director (with Dr. Mabel Rice) on the Training Researchers in Language Impairments training grant (T32DC000052). She has received 5 university awards for excellence in teaching and/or student mentoring and has published several local and national articles on teaching and training issues.