Sonia Culver


Cedar Rapids, Iowa


My passion is to change kids’ lives by helping them to achieve effective communication skills and academic success. I find true joy is seeing a parent’s reaction when his/her child succeeds in a task or goal for which they had been hoping for so long.

As a child, I struggled more than my peers in school. My academic performance was average but I had to study much harder than most my age in order to get the grades I did. I came to realize later in life that I struggled so much in school because I was not creating a visual representation in my head of what I was reading, listening to and learning.

I can identify with the frustrations and sadness that your child may be experiencing. I use my childhood struggles to set an example and empower students to feel successful. I often tell my clients about my struggles and how I worked through them and ended up graduating from one of the top speech-language pathology programs in the nation. I teach them to not only visualize information for learning purposes but to visualize themselves succeeding in whatever goals they set. I love watching a child walk out of my office with their head held high and proud of their accomplishments.

Speech development is another area that fascinates me. Going above and beyond to acquire the training of innovative techniques to help children to acquire sounds and words is why the Enrichment Programs are so successful. I am devoted to furthering training in the newest research-proven strategies and techniques. However, a successful therapist has to know more than just the techniques. I am able to “read” kids and identify that fine line between encouraging them to try sounds or language skills that they have never done and pushing too hard causing increased frustrations and feelings of failure. I love to discover a child’s motivation and empower him/her to be persistent in their efforts so we can all celebrate their success.