Christine Sapienza


Jacksonville, Florida


Since May 2014, Dr. Christine Sapienza has served as the Dean of the Brooks Rehabilitation College of Healthcare Sciences at Jacksonville University. Previously, Dr. Sapienza was a longstanding tenured professor and Chair of the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Florida, as well as a Research Career Scientist at the Brain Rehabilitation Research Center at the Malcom Randall Veteran’s Administration Hospital.As a Principal investigator of National Institutes of Health, VA Research Rehabilitation Research and Development Awards and MJ Fox Foundation grants, Dr. Sapienza has provided extensive mentoring to 16 doctoral students, one Career Development Awardee, and several theses for master and undergraduate students, all of whom have contributed back to academic employment, science, teaching and clinical service. She has built a strong national and international reputation for expertise in the design and implementation of larger scale randomized clinical trials examining treatments and protective disorders, as well as the careful reporting of peer reviewed outcomes from these studies. Dr. Sapienza methodically disseminates this information to the scientific community at large in the form of presentations, workshops, clinical teaching platforms, and keynote addresses. Through writing, she works to integrate research findings journal articles, textbooks and clinical manuals. As a frequent contributor to patient support groups and nonprofit organizations, she aspires to assist patients and caregivers as they navigate available treatments and emerging science. Most recently, Dr. Sapienza has been nominated for and the recipient of awards through a variety of local and national channels including the Florida Blue Sapphire Award, Brooks Rehabilitation Research Award, and various dissertation advising, faculty, and professor designations.