Joanna Cazden


Burbank, California


Joanna also sees voice patients by medical referral at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center’s outpatient Voice program. Helping to found this program in 2001, she has treated well-known pop singers, actors, broadcasters, and musical-theater artists. She was a clinical instructor for ten years at California State University, Northridge (CSUN), and has presented scholarly papers at major voice conferences in the USA UK, and Mexico. In 2004 she was named a Fellow of the California Speech and Hearing Association, an award that honors excellence in clinical service, teaching, and community service.The daughter of composer and musicologist Norman Cazden and language-education specialist Courtney Borden Cazden, Joanna grew up in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York, surrounded by classical, traditional folk, and protest music. She toured nationally as a singer-songwriter in the 1970s and was active in the anti-war, feminist, and environmental movements of the time. She currently performs with several ensembles in Southern California, and leads a Yiddish-language chorus with her husband, Scott Wilkinson.

Joanna released six solo albums between 1973 and 1997; her first album, The Greatest Illusion (1973), has been re-released internationally. In 2000 she joined Pete Seeger and other folk luminaries on “Folksongs of the Catskills,” an ensemble CD later featured at the Library of Congress. She organized the first panel on Health Issues for folk performers, at the 1992 Folk Alliance Conference, and has won numersous singing and songwriting awards. received the Dudley Knight Award for Outstanding Vocal Scholarship for her article “Stalking the Calm Buzz: How the Polyvagal Theory Links Stage Presence, Mammal Evolution, and the Root of the Vocal Nerve,”